Four Ways SentinelOne ActiveEDR will Revolutionise Your Customers’ Security

The explosion of the dark web saw cybercriminals gifted the ability to share (and sell) underhanded tools and tactics in order to compromise companies, without being tracked. These tools and tactics evolve into modern cyberattacks that compromise an endpoint, exfiltrate or remove data, and allow them to remove any trace of their actions within a fraction of a second.

The worrying thing is that most companies believe their endpoint protection solution can protect them, but in reality, their dated solutions are no match for these advanced threats.

Organisations are now expected to be ahead of the curve and ready to fight against these breaches. That’s where SentinelOne comes in.

Their Next-Generation Active Endpoint Detection and Response (ActiveEDR) solution can prevent, detect and respond to even the most advanced attacks, providing a full contextual storyline of the breach, enabling security teams to prevent it from ever happening again.

Here’s how SentinelOne’s ActiveEDR can revolutionise your customers’ security infrastructure:

1. It’s suitable for all businesses

Is your customer in short supply of time, bandwidth or a skilled workforce? With ActiveEDR, this doesn’t matter. ActiveEDR provides everyone from advanced analysts to novice security teams with the ability to automatically remediate threats and defend against advanced attacks.

2. Easily detect threatening behaviour

ActiveEDR operates like an analyst on every endpoint, turning huge amounts of data into stories and raising high-quality, prioritised alerts when threatening behaviour is detected.

3. Track everything visually

With ActiveEDR, your customers can see the entire storyline of a threat from start to finish with a visual diagram. This allows security teams to quickly evaluate the impact of any threat.

4. Roll back to pre-infected state

If your customer does find themselves falling victim to a breach, ActiveEDR has the unique ability to search through historic data and roll files and registry keys back to their pre-infected state.

ActiveEDR empowers security teams to focus on the alerts that matter, reducing the time and cost of bringing context to the complicated and overwhelming amounts of data needed with other, passive EDR solutions.

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