Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365

Simplify Microsoft 365 Backup with Rubrik Polaris

CIOs and IT Leaders are quickly making the move to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a part of their IT and business transformation agenda. Aside from the operational benefits of outsourcing an on-premises application, most organizations make the move to SaaS or Microsoft 365 with the intention of introducing cost benefits. It is all too common for teams making the decision to assume their data is safe in the cloud, or to overlook how data backup is handled. Services that are taken for granted within a data center, such as backup and recovery, frequently escape notice in the shuffle of the decision, negotiation, and subsequent migration. Often Microsoft 365 customers assume backup is included—making it an unexpected add-on purchase.

With Rubrik’s modernized backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, you can easily mitigate data loss with advanced search and granular restore, enforce consistent policies across your environment to meet regulatory compliance and scale protection with Microsoft 365 protection delivered as a service.

In the first release of Rubrik Polaris for Microsoft 365 backup, email and calendar items are supported. Rubrik’s SaaS approach and cloud-native architecture allow for rapid iteration and product enhancements without our customers having to redeploy, upgrade, or bother with anything other than use the service.

Benefits include:

  • Straightforward setup
  • Scale-out cloud-native architecture
  • Policy-based simplicity
  • Cost-efficient design
  • Global search
  • Fast data recovery

Read the full white paper to learn more about Microsoft 365 backup with Rubrik or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager for more information.