How to Secure IoT Devices in the Enterprise

In recent years, a growing constellation of connected internet of things (IoT) devices has transformed how enterprises collect, exchange, analyze and extrapolate vast amounts of data to gather insights into everything from understanding consumer behavior and improving business efficiencies to reducing operational costs and enhancing overall workplace safety.

As connected devices continue to increase in number, it is increasingly challenging for enterprises to secure them and keep threats at bay. Fraught with vulnerabilities and offering an attack surface ripe for security breaches, IoT devices are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Whether enterprises are just starting out with IoT adoption or looking to expand their established IoT networks, all face similar challenges when it comes to managing, monitoring and securing their connected IoT environments.

To successfully secure IoT devices, there are a few things enterprises should consider.

  1. Employ Device Discovery for Complete Visibility
  2. Apply Network Segmentation for Stronger Defense
  3. Adopt Secure Password Practices
  4. Continue to Patch and Update Firmware When Available
  5. Actively Monitor IoT Devices at All Times

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