New Hardware Platform Releases

Palo Alto Networks has expanded the portfolio of their Next Generation Firewalls by adding two new hardware platforms.

The PA-5450 delivers world class performance for hyperscale data center, internet edge and campus segmentation deployments. It offers 120 Gbps throughput with security services enabled, four times more than the previous generation (30Gbps threat prevention throughput on PA-5260). It is purpose-built to apply decryption and ML-powered security to stop zero-day attacks, as well as known threats. PA-5450 secures your traffic, which is almost fully encrypted today. Compare that with competitive offerings, which usually take a drastic performance hit when new security services are enabled.

The PA-5450 features a scalable, modular design that allows performance upgrades as needs increase and goes a long way to protect against underprovisioning or overprovisioning. Customers can buy the chassis and then grow from one to five cards as an organization scales.

In addition to providing best-in-class security solutions, they deliver security that addresses your financial requirements while offering incredible value. According to a recent cost-benefit analysis by Forrester Consulting, their ML-Powered NGFW and SASE platform delivers a 247% ROI and payback in six months. The PA-5450 delivers equivalent or better performance than comparable platforms from Cisco and Check Point, with up to 70% TCO savings. Palo Alto Networks have a competitive trade-in program to help you modernize your environment’s security profile.

More information on the new PA-5450 is available on the Palo Alto Network website here.

The PA-400 Series is ideal for distributed enterprise branch offices and brings Palo Alto Networks best-in-class security at Fortinet prices. Compared to the previous generation, the PA-400 Series offers up to ten times higher performance with security services and decryption enabled. It reboots five times faster, enabling much shorter maintenance windows. Zero-touch provisioning simplifies deployment to tens, hundreds or thousands of branches. Compact and quiet with multiple mounting options, this platform is optimized for remote locations, thanks to a fanless design and built-in power redundancy that minimize the need to perform servicing in hard-to-reach locations. The PA-400 Series is ideal for organizations in search of the lowest TCO but wanting the best cybersecurity possible.

More information on the new PA-400 series is available on the Palo Alto Network website here.

Source: Anand Oswal’s Blog.

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