PAN-OS 10.2 Nebula

PAN-OS 10.2 Nebula

Nebula is the latest version of PAN OS 10.2, which integrates Deep Learning and uses the computing power of the cloud. Nebula collects, analyses and interprets potential zero-day threats in real time using Deep Learning. This results in 6 times faster prevention and a 48% higher detection rate for evasive threats. Background: Evasive malware is designed to disguise itself from an organisation’s security systems. It can, for example, circumvent the signature-based malware detection of traditional anti-virus solutions.

In doing so, Nebula heralds a new era in cybersecurity by doing what other solutions cannot: Stop the most sophisticated attacks before they happen.

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Nebula is also introducing new security services: Maximising ROI and extending best-in-class security in tandem with Palo Alto Networks firewalls, among others.

  • Protect yourself with IoT Security. Nebula introduces IoT Security 2.0., the next-generation security service that takes a leap forward by using machine learning to simplify IoT device visibility and automate policy creation for visible and invisible devices.
  • Maximise security, minimise downtime. Avoid preventable disruptions while improving overall security.
  • Smaller footprint, greater performance. The new PA-3400 and PA-5400 series ML-controlled NGFWs offer three times faster security in a smaller package.
  • Advanced Threat Prevention. The industry’s only IPS that stops unknown C2 attacks in real time – 48% more than any other solution. Advanced Threat Prevention includes all the features of Threat Prevention and relies on custom machine learning and deep learning models trained on millions of data points to stop unknown and evasive threats.
  • Advanced URL Filtering. Nebula can stop highly evasive phishing and ransomware zero-day threats in real-time. Industry-leading Advanced URL Filtering uses powerful new detectors to stop 35% more phishing attacks than traditional databases. Inline Deep Learning analyses live web content and detects 40% of malicious URLs two full days before any other solution.
  • DNS Security. Nebula provides 40% more threat coverage than any other DNS security vendor by using machine learning to deep scan DNS traffic.

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