3 Reasons Thales was Recognised in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management

Focusing on enterprise use cases, SafeNet Trusted Access has been recognised for its expertise and strong global presence in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Thales are proud to be the only new vendor listed in the MQ and to be considered among the six leading cloud-based Access Management vendors. As the youngest solution on the market by far, Thales have started their journey with a focus on expertise in enterprise use cases and will continue to strongly invest in access management capabilities.

Alongside exceptional focus and expertise in enterprise use cases, here are three big reasons Thales received this well-deserved recognition.


  1. Bring your own Access Security

Thales secure multi-cloud environments with an agnostic independent security service, offering best protection with a broad range on authentication options.

Not only will Thales help your customers reduce risk by separating their cloud services from their security services, but they’ll also benefits from Thales’ ‘security at core’ principles – where Thales have control over the entire development and manufacturing chain of all authentication devices.


  1. Global, established independent security vendor

Thales is a highly reputable, well established and respected security vendor with a strong global presence that can support your customers’ global operations. SafeNet Trusted Access itself has a large and growing install base worldwide.


  1. Superior value and TCO

Thales’ combined AM – MFA service means that customers get all they need with one integrated service, which has no hidden or extra costs in an all-inclusive transparent subscription. Not only this, but hardware and multiple software tokens are included FREE in the license!


To help you take this message to your customers, Thales have prepared a short Cheat Sheet which details Thales’ position in the Magic Quadrant and provides you with pointers to having productive conversations with your customers and prospects. Click here to download and strengthen your Thales messaging!

Any questions? Be sure to get in touch with the Thales team here at Exclusive Networks.