Gartner names Netskope a “Leader” for the 2020 CASB Magic Quadrant

Gartner has named Netskope a “Leader” in the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers for an incredible fourth year in a row.

So, what exactly have Netskope done to achieve this recognition? From “Completeness of Vision” to “Ability to Execute”, read on to find out everything Gartner believes Netskope brought to the table this year.


Expanding Portfolio

Gartner found that Netskope has expanded into a portfolio vendor, offering a wide range of cloud security and cloud-delivered security capabilities, including ZTNA, SWG, and CSPM. Despite this expansion, Netskope consistently manage the technologies in a single console.

Netskope’s progress in the SASE framework is the farthest along than any other vendor in the magic quadrant.

Access Control Policies

Netskope’s access control policies supply several opportunities to coach users in a variety of scenarios, including suggestions with links to appropriate applications. Device posture policies can signal an endpoint protection tool to take various actions, including isolation from governed SaaS applications.

CSPM Capabilities

Netskope has continued to invest in its technologies, both by making numerous improvements to its CSPM capabilities this year, and by starting to offer basic SSPM.

The Bottom Line

“Throughout 2020, and all the challenges this year has brought us all, we have successfully partnered with Netskope and assisted the partner community to realise the full potential that Netskope can offer. With their cloud native approach to solving legacy business problems, that their competition simply cannot, Netskope has grown to be a standout vendor in the stack. We have rarely seen such a huge interest in a technology that has ultilised all our value added services from commercial, technical and marketing in the early stages of the relationship. Partners will have no problem displacing legacy solutions with the new #proveit campaign now ready to go to back this up, the sky is the limit for this truly born in the cloud security vendor.”

Ben Turnbull – Vendor Manager


Netskope provides a cloud-native, global platform that converges multiple security technologies to effectively protect organisations from advanced threats and data loss, regardless of user location.

Netskope Threat Protection is a key differentiator based on multiple integrated technologies and services, including anti-phishing, anti-malware, UEBA, extensive threat intelligence and more.

Needless to say we are proud to be partnered with Netskope and delighted to keep seeing these achievements. Get in touch with Netskope Vendor Manager Ben Turnbull to find out how you can start empowering your customers to safely enable cloud services with Netskope.