Exclusive Networks, The Sales Accelerator

Post-pandemic, many end customers are still struggling to recover. As cyber threats have grown and manpower has become even more scarce, companies are facing three core challenges: reduced budgets, reduced resources and increased risk. 

  • Budgets: Not only has less money to spend equated to fewer services purchased by end customers, but it has also impacted their decision-making as they agonise over the best way to spend what budget they have.  
  • Resource: That hesitation is hurting how they manage their resources. Rather than free up their teams or lean on their partners, they’re having to overwork their IT staff to keep the lights on in the absence of solutions and support that can aid them. 
  • Risk: All of this culminates in a sharp rise in risk posture, as these companies don’t have the partners, services, or manpower to properly defend themselves against what’s lurking outside their organisation. 

So how can we help them stretch their budgets, maximise their resources, and ultimately overcome these challenges? Tech can do so much, but more often than not throwing tech at a problem, without the proper guidance, causes more complexity.

That guidance is critical to end customers, and it’s up to us as the channel to become more than the sum of our parts as we educate and alleviate today’s organisations with as much value as possible.

We, and our partners, have long seen ourselves as more than a distributor; we’re sales accelerators, helping our partners and their customers extract maximum value, with total clarity, for undisputable improvements. And we pride ourselves on doing this in a way that’s as value-rich and cost-effective as possible.

Here’s how.

We’re more than a distributor

As your sales accelerator, we go far beyond the role of a simple distributor. When we introduce a solution, our skilled team offers support through services, knowledge hubs, and hands-on training. We don’t just sell and walk away; our goal is to help customers make the most of our offerings and get the most value out of them.

Because of this approach, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help our customers accomplish more with less. Most recently, to help accelerate delayed projects, we’ve launched a buy now, pay 2024  scheme. Using this model, companies can purchase the solutions they need right now with a budget that will be allocated to them in the future. Not only does this make sure they have the partners and products they need to protect themselves, but it also frees them up to spend their current budget on staffing or additional services.

We stick to our vendors like glue

Anyone that’s worked with us knows that we know our vendors inside and out. We know what they need, how we can best close a deal for them and their customer, and what boxes need to be ticked to make that happen.

We’ve spent a long time building an ecosystem of trusted partners and powerful relationships, which has allowed us to know every vendor we work with intimately, and add our own value – from finance options to additional training or marketing support – to close deals, fast. And because we know the ins and outs of their solutions, we’re perfectly placed to bring additional or complementary deals forward for them.

We’re with you every step of the way

Not only do we have the relationships, understanding and experience to help our vendors navigate their customers’ challenges, but we also have tried and tested expertise in pre-sales and technical services, and dedicated teams that support these areas.

This helps us understand customer wants on a deeper level than most distributors, creating bespoke solution suggestions, shortening sales cycles, and going that extra mile to ensure organisations remain secure and satisfied long after deployment.

We ask curious questions

The absolute worst thing for a salesperson is when they ask a question but can’t provide an answer, right? It hurts their competence and credibility, causing customers to lose interest in an instant.

On the other hand, those who ask questions with genuine curiosity will connect better with their customers – now and in the long term. That’s our approach, and it consistently helps us dive deeper into the sales process. We uncover small details, hidden factors and available processes that others might have missed, unlocking opportunities that would have otherwise been overlooked.

By combining our curiosity and expertise, we ensure that our partners never have to worry about meeting their customers’ needs. After all, nobody wants to make their customers pay more because they overlooked a better option early on in their conversation.

Do you need help accelerating sales, easing customers’ minds and mining even more opportunities? Whatever challenges you’re facing, we’re here to help.

Speak to us today.