Exclusive Networks UK bolsters security portfolio with IronNet’s advanced network detection and response capabilities

Exclusive Networks UK, the global trusted cybersecurity and digital infrastructure specialist, today announced it has signed IronNet, Inc. (NYSE: IRNT) to its cyber portfolio, bringing advanced network detection and response capabilities to transform cybersecurity through Collective Defense. This new offering will enable Exclusive Networks UK’s partners the opportunity to meet the many technology challenges faced by their customers, including data recovery and security, accelerated digital transformation, data in motion/data at rest, and acceleration to the cloud.

“We believe data is the lifeblood to organisations everywhere and digital infrastructure is the backbone to all IT initiatives,” commented Graham Jones, Regional Director UK&I at Exclusive Networks. “IronNet is a potential accelerant for transformation, and we couldn’t be happier to add it to our security offering. Our unique portfolio of vendors and services ensures that we consistently offer our partners the right solutions and services to guarantee that, no matter what the end user’s size or vertical, their challenges are overcome.”

IronNet’s leading Collective Defense platform detects unknown cyber threats that signature-based tools often miss and shares the related attack intelligence in real-time, operating on AWS, hybrid cloud, and on-premise infrastructures. The platform allows participants to collaborate on potential threats in real-time by sharing context and insights from the participating members, which exponentially increases a security team’s capacity to detect, triage, and respond to threats targeting their organisations and agencies.

The IronDefense product also complements existing security architectures acting as an additional layer of defense identifying unknown behaviour through behavioural analytics. Partners can expect greater visibility of the threat landscape, improved effectiveness of SOC team and faster mean time to incident response and recovery.

IronNet’s Collective Defense delivers powerful partner benefits including free partner training, free ‘try before you buy’ initiatives, the ability to resell or act as an MSSP, no financial barriers, deal registration to protect partner driven opportunities, and a fully channel-focused approach. Additionally, IronNet’s technology integrations play a critical role in ensuring that customers have full threat visibility across their enterprise, as well as a quick way to respond to network intrusions. This is a value-add for partners, enabling customers to improve their advanced threat detection capabilities, operationalise Collective Defense, and ensure their security teams can be agile and effective in responding to the changing cyber landscape.

Sean Foster, Chief Revenue Officer at IronNet, said, “IronNet is the only automated real-time threat correlation platform based on ‘unknown’ non-signature-based threats and it is a great opportunity for us to bring this fully vetted attack intelligence to Exclusive Networks UK’s prestigious portfolio. We are confident that this will help IronNet continue to scale our mission to transform cybersecurity through Collective Defense, by helping more organizations around the world defend together against emerging threats in real time.”