How can Exclusive Networks Training help your business?

1. It frees you up to focus on growing your business
A common objection from our partners when we ask if they want to include training for the customer on a new product or solution is “I don’t want my customers to be trained, or they won’t need our support”.  

On the contrary. Offering training won’t make your customer an expert but it will enable them to execute the daytoday management which frees you up to consult on installations, renewals, upgrades, extensions and any new projects rather than spending time with ongoing maintenance.   

You could still support with monthly, quarterly or annual health checks.  

2. It can help increase the footprint in the account
Did you know that end users who attend our training sessions discover other solutions and ideas for new projects? Including training courses as part of the project, can help increase the opportunities for extended solutions, meaning with minimal effort, there are more opportunities for you.  

3. Added Value for Your Customer
End users who are properly trained on the day to day management of their solution feel empowered, and more confident which builds trust for you. What’s more, you’re offering added value to your customers as the training will unlock features and benefits of the solution that they might not have used before, ensuring they get the most return from their investment.  

4. Extra Margin for you.
When discussing projects with the customer, it’s best to include training in your original scope of work at the start. A few simple questions such as Who will manage the solution on a day to day basis?”, “Does anyone in your team already have experience of this solution?” or better still “How many people will need to be trained on this solution?Setting the expectation upfront that they should include training on the solution avoids the awkward after sales conversation when the customer has already locked in budget 

Including training in your projects means you get the margin, we do the work, and we’ll always identify opportunities for up and cross-sell. Money for Nothing and we’ll pitch for free