Jump into 2021 with Arista

Why Now is The Time

Applications are redefining every business with greater intelligence, workflows, machine learning, and enhanced user experiences. New emerging cloud driven application architectures including containers, location intelligence, dense server virtualisation, real time data streaming, and mobile devices are placing enormous demands on the network infrastructure.

On premise IT infrastructures must seamlessly extend into the cloud and be managed as one integrated ecosystem – and as a result, enterprises are having to embrace the cloud, particularly for the agility and economic benefits.

Arista Networks is an industry leader in cognitive cloud networking for mission-critical data center and campus environments. Arista’s leadership in software driven cloud networking is defined by their Universal Cloud Network Designs and combines the benefits of their best-in-class platforms, their real time extensible operating system, and their integrated management as one holistic system.

Key Arista Principles

Customers are best served when they have best-of-breed cloud scale networking. Below are the core Arista principles that showcase Why Arista and Why Now:

Quality – Products must hit the ground running, customers cannot be ‘beta testers’ when the network is at the heart of the business.

Engineering Excellence – Arista provide the best advice through deep knowledge of both product and use case scenarios.

Innovation – Arista deliver shortest time to market for innovative products that provide performance increase, price decrease, or new functionality.

Evolution – Each product generation should be instantly accessible and not require a complete paradigm shift in software, hardware, or knowledge transfer.

Openness – Nothing should explicitly prevent interoperability or the ability for customers to operate mixed environments or move between generations.

Simplicity – Reducing the number of operating systems and management tools is critical as network operations teams are faced with tight budget constraints.


Now is the time to introduce Arista to your customers

CIOs are dealing with more change than they have dealt with in decades and therefore Arista are ushering in a new era of programmability, visibility, and interoperability. Current transformations within the industry indicate now is the perfect time for you to introduce your customers to Arista – these key transformations include:

  • The digital economy is transforming the enterprise, extending to the campus and branch, converting siloed places in the network to a cloud first strategy.
  • Applications are changing to new standards and methodologies for agility and elastic demand, blending cloud native and business worlds.
  • Traffic patterns of the past are surpassed by highly distributed applications that drive east-west traffic for workloads, workflows, and disparate devices.
  • Automation and orchestration previously seen only on servers is coming to the network.
  • The need to move quickly between AI workloads without compromising their cycle time.
  • Demands for hitless upgrades and high availability are mandatory, along with automatic rollback and uninterrupted services. There are no longer windows of down-time.
  • The need for in-depth telemetry and monitoring on networks for security, performance management and planning.
  • Agile open standards-based infrastructure and a move from proprietary legacy systems.
  • The need for intelligent, non-disruptive monitoring, which can be leveraged across all operations teams including NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps.
  • Campus networks that can handle the growth in bring your own devices, neighbours competing in same air space, mission critical IOT controllers, and Wi-Fi 6 capable endpoints.

To find out more about how Arista could align to your 2021 business plan and benefit your customers, click here, and sign up for a Partner PowWow session and someone from our Arista team will be in contact shortly.