Products for successful remote working

Workplace flexibility has become extremely important for businesses in recent months. As technology has evolved over the years, it has enabled an increasing number of job roles to be carried out away from a central place of work and businesses are now utilising this as a necessity to keep operations and workflows functioning as smoothly as possible.

Although this way of working has been forced upon many businesses and employees, it does pose the question – could remote working become a new normal for many?

As well as providing businesses with a way to maintain service levels through convenience and necessity, remote working is also seen as an attractive employment perk and something many potential employees look for within an organisation.

Advancing cloud technology and cyber security solutions allow businesses to offer remote working as a viable long-term option, so that they can expand their network of employees and create a more versatile workplace that can be reactive and reliable at all times.

The benefits of remote working

Remote working offers a business several benefits and can even boost operational growth. Here are just some of the benefits of the flexible workplace revolution:

  • Increased productivity

Providing employees with more freedom and flexibility is likely to result in increased productivity. It shows you trust your employees and allows them to work where they feel most comfortable.

  • Less time commuting

By removing what can be unpleasant or stressful commutes, your employees are likely to feel more relaxed when working. The wellbeing of your workforce is proven to be linked with productivity, so by removing the time and costs of commuting, you are creating a healthier and happier workforce.

  • Wider pool of talent

Remote working will expand the pool of talent available to your business. If you are able to hire employees from effectively anywhere in the world, you can find perfect candidates outside of your geographic area.

  • Reduce costs

Having a fixed office space can be expensive. Whether you offer remote working alongside a hot-desking policy, or your employees work from home on a permanent basis, you will save money and reduce overheads.

  • Lower employee turnover

By offering a more flexible way of working, employees can have a better work-life balance, which in turn increases employee retention.

Remote working products from Exclusive Networks

Cyber Security

Exclusive Networks’ cybersecurity specialists provide partners with comprehensive access to key cybersecurity solutions to support remote working wherever they are in the world. By deploying the best cybersecurity technologies on offer, you can ensure your remote employees are working in a safe and secure way. Explore our Cybersecurity vendors here.

If you’re considering remote working for your business, you will need to find the right technology for your specific needs. You need to ensure your employees have access to the information they need using cloud solutions, whilst also ensuring data and users are safe and secure.

Cloud Solutions

Within Exclusive Networks, our cloud specialists equip partners to grow revenue, increase margins and retain business in cloud migration and adoption. We have carefully selected our cloud solutions vendor portfolio, ensuring we can address each layer of cloud computing to support those looking to create more flexible and functional workplaces.

Our cloud storage and hybrid cloud object storage solutions allow partners to deliver appropriate agile infrastructure and functions for remote working. Explore our Cloud Solutions vendors here.

At Exclusive Networks, we are the global specialists for cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Get in touch today to discuss remote working for your business and how our solutions and services can help.