What Is Intelligent Infrastructure?

Virtualisation dramatically advanced data centre architectures at the turn of the century. Cloud did the same in 2010. Intelligent Infrastructure is the trend to watch in 2020.

Intelligent Infrastructure optimises infrastructure resources for application consumption through the use of infrastructure machine learning and applying tuning as software overlays – studying environments to drive automation and save millions of management hours.

By 2022, this technology will add infrastructure machine learning, analytics, and artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) as software overlays on top of hardware-based composable integrated systems.

How Does Intelligent Infrastructure Enable AIOps?

Intelligent Infrastructure is a foundational technology for AIOps​:

  • Storage resolutions are autonomous – no human intervention or escalation is required​
  • VM and DB-level analytic data can be easily consumed by tools up the stack for insights​

IntelliFlash and NexentaStor build on this foundation with block, file, and SDS

Why Choose Intelligent Infrastructure?

The need to accommodate new workloads, integrate edge and public cloud infrastructure is growing, but the number of humans to manage it is not​ – this is where intelligent infrastructure comes in. Intelligent Infrastructure bridges the gap between the need for resources and the experts available to manage them​. AI and ML enable self-service and automation up the “stack”, empowering IT experts to focus on activities that drive business value and a competitive edge.

As a result of Intelligent Infrastructure, Tintri’s thousands of customers have refocused administrative effort into enhanced service delivery – some by up to 95%. To find out more on how it differentiates from standard primary storage on the market, Join Tintri’s Field CEO, Erwin Daria, on the 10th June where he will be discussing the technology from the perspective of the customer, vendor, and analyst. Click here to register.

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