4 Tips to Help Future-Proof Your OT Security Strategy

Erin Anderson, Solutions Marketing Manager, OT & Industrial Technologies, at Forescout, writes that according to Gartner, by year-end 2023, organizations will need to adjust their OT security solutions, because 60% of today’s point solution OT security providers will have been rebranded, repositioned or bought, or will have disappeared. While this statistic may cause anxiety for OT security stakeholders out there, the good news is that there are things you can do now to help prepare yourself for the imminent changes in the OT security market.

In her blog, Erin Anderson provides 4 tips to help future-proof your OT security strategy:

  • Proactively identify, classify and monitor OT network assets
  • Align IT and OT teams to execute integrated cybersecurity initiatives
  • Use Proof-of-Value (PoV) requirements that will accurately assess a vendor’s suitability for your business
  • Align with emerging market dynamics by reassessing your OT security vendor landscape

She recommends asking vendors pointed questions like:

  • Where is your technology roadmap heading?
  • Are you excelling in specific verticals? Why?
  • What strategic partnerships are you pursuing?
  • Are you actively investing in research that benefits the cybersecurity community?

If a startup, what stage are you in? “Convince investors” mode, “Build capability” mode, or “Develop an exit strategy” mode?

The answers provided to these questions should give you a pretty clear idea of where a vendor is headed and if they will still be around in 2-3 years. If a vendor gives you answers that create doubts about their longevity, don’t hesitate to re-evaluate others. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the maturity of the OT security market has greatly increased since you last evaluated solutions and discover products with features that add more value for you.

Read more about how to follow the four tips in Erin Anderson’s full blog here: https://www.forescout.com/company/blog/4-tips-to-help-future-proof-ot-security-strategy/.

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