A partnership for the security of your customers

Endpoint Protection is an important pillar for the IT security of any company. With modern EDR solutions such as SentinelOne, attacks on workstations and servers can be detected without the need for a signature. This means that they can also detect attacks that are not even known yet. However, the view remains limited to the endpoint. The extent of an attack cannot be determined with SentinelOne alone. A technology is needed that can generate the overall picture so that the countermeasure is targeted and has a lasting effect. For example:

Exabeam detects unusual activity across all platforms. Here, Exabeam alerted hours before the EDR solution detected an attack. The alert from the EDR solution was accurate but was not able to show the full extent. Here, not only is one server compromised, but the attacker has touched 487 assets and used 233 login credentials to do so for the first time. Cleaning up the compromised server would not have fixed the problem in the long term, and after all, that’s what it’s all about. You want to provide your customers with a technology that they can use to protect themselves in the long term.

The partnership between Exabeam and SentinelOne is therefore the logical next step. Let us convince you how Exabeam works together with SentinelOne. You can improve your own position with your customers, and you can offer a solution that protects your customers comprehensively.

Learn more about Endpoint Security from SentinelOne here and about the Exabeam Security Management Platform here.

Please contact your Exclusive Networks Account Manager for more information on the Exabeam and SentinelOne partnership or for a live demo of either solution.