Accelerate network services now with BloxOne DDI

Accelerate network services now with BloxOne DDI

Network services such as DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) increasingly form the basis for a functioning IT. But corporate networks are now complex constructs with a growing number of applications from public and private clouds. The number of distributed locations is also increasing in the cloud-based IT landscape.

Wherever complexity leads to problems, BloxOne DDI provides a remedy. That’s because unlike branch office networks, BloxOne connects users to the closest entry point to the cloud. This means that Office 365 and all SaaS applications can easily operate at the speed of business.

BloxOne DDI – here’s an overview of the key benefits:

  • Ensuring connectivity and productivity
    BloxOne DDI provides users with peak performance and reliable access to critical business applications like Office 365, improving SaaS responsiveness, preventing downtime, and ensuring a great overall experience for all users.


  • Perfect management
    BloxOne DDI is the industry’s first cloud-managed solution for core network services, providing continuous visibility, status and control over all cloud applications and services across the IT environment.


  • Smooth rollout of SaaS applications.
    Deploying DDI operations in the cloud enables centralized management of all cloud applications and services, regardless of location.


  • Elimination of latency and network delays.
    BloxOne DDI eliminates the need to backhaul traffic to the central data center, eliminating latency and network delays.

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