NPA ensures that private applications remain private

NPA ensures that private applications remain private

Make it easy for your customers to protect data and resources with application-level access control. NPA provides broad application support, including client-initiated traffic using TCP and UDP protocols on almost all associated ports. NPA minimizes the overall attack surface by not exposing protocols and services to the public Internet. Private resources are thus not visible and protected from attackers.

Here is an overview of all the options and benefits

  • Zero Trust Network Access for private applications
    Your customers allow authorized users to access their applications, rather than the entire network. And protect private applications and other network resources from malicious insiders or compromised accounts.


  • Connect directly to public cloud applications
    Your customers connect remote workers directly to applications hosted in public clouds and private data centers using Netscope’s globally hosted network of PoPs. This provides a low-latency user experience for accessing private applications.


  • Phasing out legacy remote VPN access.
    Transition to a cloud-first security architecture is enabled and legacy VPN hardware can be removed. Enterprises end their capital investment, upgrade cycles and ongoing management costs for VPN appliances.


  • Protect private applications and resources
    Enterprises ensure that private applications hosted in public and private clouds are never exposed to the Internet. Brand damage, fines and other costs associated with a breach of a private application hosted in the cloud are avoided.


  • Seamless and transparent user experience
    A unified, straightforward client enables users to access all their applications deployed in public clouds and data centers simultaneously. And they can do so without having to repeatedly connect to different VPN gateways.


  • Move to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).
    A single management console is all that’s needed to simplify policy management, analysis, and incident investigation for employee use of web, cloud, and private applications.

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