Attivo Networks and SentinelOne Integration Delivers Protection Against Credential-Based Attacks

Attivo Networks and SentinelOne are now working together to disrupt attacks from modern adversaries. By combining the two companies’ solutions, joint customers gain the ability to prevent endpoint compromises and disrupt an attacker’s attempts to gather credentials and perform reconnaissance activities that are needed for lateral movement. Additionally, Attivo Networks has joined the SentinelOne Singularity Partner Program, which creates a collaboration model for the two companies to work together to sell and support customers.

With its Singularity XDR platform, SentinelOne is a leader in Endpoint Protection (EPP), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), IoT security, and cloud security. The platform delivers differentiated endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, IoT security, cloud security, and IT operations capabilities – consolidating multiple existing technologies into one solution.

The Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) Suite has made Attivo Networks a leader in protecting Active Directory (AD) and credentials on endpoints, both of which are prime targets for modern cyber-attacks. The EDN solution provides SentinelOne customers with an effective way to detect and prevent attacks against Active Directory, credential theft, and privilege escalation while reducing the attack surface by removing exposed credentials.

The joint solution creates a rich defense against even the most sophisticated attackers and will efficiently derail attacks targeted at today’s ever-expanding attack surface. When used together, the SentinelOne XDR platform prevents attackers from compromising an endpoint while the Attivo EDN suite prevents attackers from breaking out of that endpoint if they manage to get in.

Read Carolyn Crandall’s full blog here to find out more about the specific areas in which Attivo and SentinelOne are collaborating:

  • Active Directory Protection
  • Credential Theft Detection
  • Removal of Exposed Credentials

For more information on the joint solution, read the solution brief here or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.