Best Practice Assessment (BPA)

Strengthen your position as a trusted advisor and create services engagements by helping your existing customers devise and implement a security strategy founded in prevention.

Palo Alto Networks’ Best Practice Assessment (BPA) for Next-Generation Firewall and Panorama evaluates a customer’s platform configurations by measuring their adoption of capabilities and validating whether or not their policies adhere to best practice. It provides recommendations and instructions for how to remediate failed best practice checks.

Possible use cases include

  • changes in personnel
  • dormant accounts
  • health checks
  • post-migration engagements
  • low lifetime value (LTV) accounts

Some of the benefits gained by performing a BPA include

  • upsell opportunities
  • long-term service engagements
  • resident engineers
  • ensuring configuration confidence
  • measuring the success of Palo Alto Networks
  • building trust

Interested in seeing how customers and partners benefit from adopting a prevention-based architecture? To learn more about the Palo Alto Networks Best Practice Assessment (BPA) program and how to execute it for your customers, please consult the Partner Portal or contact your Exclusive Networks Account Manager.