Decryption: Why, Where and How

Protect users from threats while maintaining privacy

Encryption is necessary for the exchange of private business information, but high volumes of encrypted traffic can leave organizations blind to hidden security threats. Criminals are using this weakness to hide from security surveillance tools and deliver malware to unsuspecting users with ease.

That’s why organizations like yours need SSL decryption. By using policy-driven decryption within Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls, you can allow certain types of encrypted traffic to be decrypted, while leaving others alone – all without impacting performance.

Get the Palo Alto Networks white paper «Decryption: Why, Where and How» here and learn:

  • Why you need SSL decryption at all
  • Alternatives and recommendations for where to decrypt
  • The security impact of HTTPS interception
  • How to enable SSL decryption: people, process, tools and best practices

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