Demisto: THE Comprehensive Security Orchestration (SOAR) Platform

Security Orchestration and Automation

Demisto’s security orchestration and automation enables standardized, automated, and coordinated response across your security product stack. Playbooks powered by thousands of security actions make scalable, accelerated incident response a reality.

Visual Playbook Editor

Easy-to-build, drag-and-drop playbooks with thousands of security actions across products, workflow logic, and manual checks and balances.

Live Workplan Review

A clear graphical interface to review and validate playbook runs in real-time with human-readable output and machine-readable context.

Integrations and Extensible Platform

Hundreds of built-in security product integrations with intuitive classification mappers and a powerful SDK to build custom integrations.


Incident Management

Demisto’s full incident management suite facilitates end-to-end incident oversight. Ingest incidents from a variety of detection sources, study reconstructed timelines to discover root causes, capture all evidence and documentation, and visualize metrics through custom dashboards.

Incident Repository

A database of incidents ingested from multiple sources into Demisto with full search-and-query capabilities, details and context, and visualized data cross-sections.

Evidence Board

An evidence timeline to reconstruct attack chains and piece together key pieces of verification for root cause discovery.

Dashboards and Reports

Fully customizable dashboards and reports with a user-driven widget library to visualize tailored metrics both in real-time and for posterity.


Interactive Investigation

Demisto’s interactive investigation feature-set allows for real-time and collaborative investigation for complex incidents that can’t be solved through standardized means alone. A virtual War Room lets analysts collaborate, run security commands without switching consoles, and capture incident context from disparate sources, all while benefiting from Machine Learning-powered insights.

Virtual War Room

Analysts can conduct joint investigations and run real-time security commands for efficient hand-offs, faster resolution, and auto-documentation of incident context.

Indicator Repository

All indicators (IPs, file hashes, domains, usernames etc.) are auto-discovered and correlated across incidents. A powerful search interface allows for proactive threat hunting.

Machine Learning

DBot (Demisto’s chatbot) trains on incident, indicator, and analyst data to generate insights for simpler workflow creation, increased analyst productivity, and more effective security operations.

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