Discover and reduce lateral movement paths with Tanium Impact

To provide IT organizations with the visibility they need to analyze access rights and the vulnerabilities they pose, Tanium created a new module called Impact, a software offering included in the Tanium Platform for managing endpoints with unparalleled visibility and control. Tanium Impact analyzes relationships between users, groups, and endpoints at speed and scale to identify lateral movement potential. It provides the ability to visualize and contextualize the administrative realm and lateral movement risk, empowering prioritization of remediation efforts.

Here are five ways that Tanium Impact helps IT organizations guard against lateral movements in cyberattacks.

  • Tanium Impact shows possible lateral movement paths to and from the users, groups, and endpoints analyzed.
  • Tanium Impact reports access data for an entire enterprise, not just a local network.
  • Tanium Impact includes session data in its analysis of lateral movement, helping analysts understand the risks associated with attacks that began hours or even days ago.
  • Tanium Impact analyzes both direct control and indirect control when evaluating the potential movement of an endpoint, user or group.
  • Tanium Impact assigns an impact Rating to users/groups/endpoints, so IT organizations can easily prioritize the endpoints and user accounts that require attention for risk mitigation.

Tanium Impact allows customers to identify and quantify the user accounts that have administrative access to key systems, such as high-profile workstations or Active Directory domain controllers, and enable the ability to determine the potential lateral movement of an attack and take action to prevent additional compromise.

Read the full blog by Shawn Marriott, Director, Product Management, Tanium, here, or visit our landing page here.

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