Enabling security right where attacks really hurt

In the most literal sense of the word, cyberattacks in healthcare are a painful liability. After all, vital services and overall patient care are at stake if threat actors are successful. Hospitals in particular hold large amounts of sensitive data. The high value of private patient data – from Social Security numbers to protected health information – has driven up the number of attacks on healthcare organizations.

Payment data such as credit card numbers can be frozen and replaced, but medical data such as test results, diagnoses and treatment plans cannot be removed or invalidated. When this data falls into the hands of an attacker, it is a huge problem for those affected. That’s because victims may be at the mercy of targeted ransomware and extortion attempts.

SentinelOne knows where to stick the needle

What can CISOs and technical leaders do to build out their cyber defense strategies? SentinelOne’s solutions offer all the options. Here’s the overview:

  • Prevention
    AI-powered models extremely reliably identify malware and ransomware binaries before they can execute.
  • Active EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).
    Proactive, real-time detection and response, as well as long-term threat hunting in a user-friendly environment.
  • IoT
    Unauthorized device detection with Ranger IoT provides visibility into and control over all managed and unmanaged network devices.

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