Exabeam Advanced Analytics and Splunk Integration

Deploying Exabeam Advanced Analytics (AA) alongside Splunk enables customers to use their existing Splunk log data to perform truly comprehensive, analytics-led threat detection. Joint customers enjoy quick time-to-value by analyzing historical logs to rapidly achieve behavioral baselines. Customers also benefit from increased visibility as new log sources, such as proxy logs or endpoint logs, which were previously cost-prohibitive to store within Splunk can be directly ingested into Advanced Analytics via syslog for analysis.

Exabeam Advanced Analytics deploys quickly in any environment via a physical or virtual appliance, which is then configured to fetch the requisite logs via Splunk’s API, or to receive them via Syslog forwarding. Unlike competitive UEBA solutions, Exabeam Advanced Analytics can be setup within hours, often without the need for professional services. Exabeam also ingests data from contextual sources like Active Directory, HR systems, and CMDB systems.

The key features and benefits of deploying Exabeam Advanced Analytics alongside Splunk include

  • Quick Time-to-Value
  • The World’s Most-Deployed UEBA Solution
  • Leverage Existing Workflows
  • Enhanced Lateral Movement Detection
  • Rapid Incident Investigation
  • Utilize Exabeam Data in Splunk Reports and Dashboards

Please visit the Exabeam website for more information on how to outsmart the odds by adding intelligence to your existing security tools using analytics and automation with Exabeam or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.