Exabeam: Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting: Exabeam Threat Hunter, a point-and-click search for behavioral threat hunting.

Threat Hunting involves continuously searching security data for patterns in an attempt to discover threats that have evaded existing security tools. Many analysts run manual, query-based searches within a SIEM to find adversaries. However, these searches require a deep understanding of the specific threats being searched for, thus relegating the activity to seasoned analysts. Once a threat is discovered, they must perform a tedious and inefficient investigation process, which makes it difficult for them to quickly understand the scope of the threat and identify any users or entities that may have been compromised. Protecting your business from security threats on an ongoing basis requires a modern approach to threat hunting. Exabeam Threat Hunter combines threat hunting with behavioral analytics and a point-and-click interface to position you well ahead of adversaries when it comes to protecting your organization’s assets.

Threat Hunter allows analysts to easily search for abnormal behaviors in their environment, which may be indicative of threat. Threat Hunter returns machine-built incident timelines, that outline both normal and anomalous activity that happened before and after the threat, as search results; instead of raw logs. By contrast, in a traditional SIEM, when threat hunters uncover an attack, they must kick off an investigation to understand the surrounding context; which can take hours, days or weeks. With machine-built incident timelines, analysts can save time on investigations and easily interpret results, reviewing any suspicious activity that was uncovered. Threat Hunter leverages a point-and-click interface that simplifies the process of creating complex search queries. Analysts can easily string together conditions from available menus like activity type, vendor, or peer group, without needing to learn a complicated search query language. Exabeam replaces legacy discovery methods with threat hunting that leverages the MITRE ATT&CK framework to detect recognizable attack patterns within their infrastructure. This allows analysts to search for relevant tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) in their environment after learning of a new attack.

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