Expand Data Security to the Cloud With Sonar

Securing the cloud has become an urgent business imperative for nearly every enterprise. Cloud demands modernizing Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) program to meet the complexity and elasticity of cloud database services. Imperva Sonar meets the demand with new capabilities that integrate seamlessly with existing DAM implementations so you can painlessly expand security and compliance to the cloud.

Complete cloud database coverage

Measure support for new database requests in weeks, not months. Scale database activitymonitoring to over 65+ modern data repositories including all major cloud providers database services.

True hybrid and multi-cloud

Eliminate the complexity of addressing each environment differently. Sonar normalizes on-premises,in-cloud and even multi-cloud feeds into a single platform. Sonar leverages a modern and cloud-nativeagentless architecture to deliver uniform and comprehensive control over all data-centric workloads.

Cloud data risk analytics

Distill billions of events across platforms into critical insights that can accurately identify risks to your data. Sonar eliminates false positives and prioritizes only the few high-risk incidents that require immediate investigation, allowing security teams to stay focused and contain potential threats more effectively. Profile users and entities in the cloud to detect anomalous behavior such as excessive connections, data extrusion, non-standard access times, suspicious account creation and more – all across your entire estate of data assets.


These are just a few of the new use cases Sonar is bringing to the Imperva customer. Find out more on Imperva’s website or download the datasheet.