Forescout plus Tanium : Two leaders hitting the mark together

 Forescout plus Tanium : Two leaders hitting the mark together

Forescout is a leader in enterprise-of-things security. Tanium is a leading provider of endpoint management and security. These two companies are currently announcing their strategic partnership. We think it’s a slam dunk – resulting in a true paradigm shift for real-time visibility and control, especially for enterprise domains such as campus, data center, remote, cloud, mobile, OT and IoT.

Maximum security, visibility and control

The continued rise of cyberattacks – especially successful ones – shows that current security controls are not sufficient to protect most organizations. Sophisticated attackers are targeting increasingly complex, heterogeneous computing environments, with the result that security teams are inundated with incidents and false positives that they cannot categorize.

By combining industry-leading endpoint and network solutions, Tanium and Forescout deliver all the capabilities of a cybersecurity platform that provides real-time visibility and control across all enterprise-connected devices.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Real-time comprehensive asset discovery and inventory: customers gain a complete 360-degree view of their enterprise environment by combining centralized network visibility with distributed endpoint visibility.
  • Attack Surface Management: Real-time risk assessment and remediation to protect devices, and segmentation policies to enforce network connectivity that enables a true zero-trust architecture.
  • Rapid visibility and control: automatically assess current state and enforce compliance, identify known vulnerabilities, quarantine at-risk devices, remediate issues, and re-admit endpoints to the network with appropriate policies.

For more information on Forescout and Tanium’s partnership, click here.