Prevent Lateral Movement and Ransomware Propagation

Prevent unauthorized lateral movement and ransomware propagation with granular workload segmentation.

Ever-expanding perimeters have been a growing challenge for IT security teams for some time, but cloud adoption comes with additional unique challenges. In addition to increasing attack surface, juggling multiple tools in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments can lead to visibility gaps, which attackers can exploit to move undetected in a network.

Guardicore and SentinelOne work together to solve this challenge with centralized visibility and tight segmentation controls that prevent unauthorized lateral movement and ransomware propagation. Using the integration, organizations can centrally visualize network communications for users, flows and even down to the process-level. Based on real-time or historical data, IT security teams can then create and enforce granular segmentation policies anywhere in the network, including on endpoints. Guardicore provides a management plugin for SentinelOne Singularity that facilitates the integration and supports both new and old server or endpoint operating systems. With this approach, Guardicore Centra can ingest deep visibility data from SentinelOne and present it on a Guardicore Reveal Map for decision-making and policy creation. Additionally, the plugin also allows you to configure SentinelOne Firewall as an enforcement module. The integration of Guardicore Centra and SentinelOne Singularity enables organizations to enforce endpoint security policies, improving their security posture against ransomware propagation and unauthorized lateral movement.

Key Benefits include:

Centralized Visibility – Generate detailed application communication visibility maps for desktop, server, legacy OS and cloud workloads.

Automate Security – Leverage automatic remediation and policy generation for segmentation and firewall rules.

Broad OS Coverage – Together, the joint solution covers anything from IBM iSeries AS/400 via Windows XP, 2003, ancient Linux all the way to MacOS and the latest cloud-based OS.

Broad Compatibility – Enforce policies based on business needs across old and new operating systems, including Linux, Unix and Windows.

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