Ensure Zero Trust Coverage for Legacy Critical Assets with Visibility

Protecting Legacy Infrastructure should be an Essential Part of Your Security Strategy

As far as security strategies go, Zero Trust is becoming too big to ignore. As modern hybrid data centers become the norm, it’s harder than ever to ascertain the legitimacy of traffic, not just North-South, in and out of the data center, but East-West, within an organization’s own four walls. While historically it was enough to have perimeter security measures in place, today this checkpost approach is worryingly insufficient. Assets do not stay contained on a network, with examples including auto scaling, containers, mesh and micro services architecture just to start.

Micro-segmentation has become a powerful technology that can help companies adopt this Zero Trust strategy for network security, adding micro-perimeters around critical assets and customer data, and enforcing access with tight policy controls. To implement micro-segmentation, one should have visibility. This visibility also allows companies to avoid the problems caused by under or over-segmenting of networks.

Some industries like Banking, Insurance, Telecom, and Healthcare still and will continue to rely on legacy technologies that were partially modernized. Even though the percentage of legacy servers and applications is shrinking, there are still many critical applications that are based on older Operating Systems and hardware. As legacy systems are important, it is short-sighted to leave them out of a Zero Trust strategy, and impossible to launch a holistic micro-segmentation strategy without having a plan for legacy from day one.

The right partner for Zero Trust adoption will include legacy not only in the micro-segmentation approach, but will be able to visualize all legacy infrastructure in a map from the start, uncovering legacy systems that one might not even have been aware of, and identifying at a glance the connections and traffic needed to be aware of where it’s most essential.

Whether legacy modernization is on an organization’s roadmap or the last thing on one’s mind, you need security that covers you right now, in real-time. If Zero Trust is on your to-do list, contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to learn more about the Guardicore Micro-Segmentation solution.

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