Hardware Refresh+ Offer

While many people use “refresh” and “upgrade” interchangeably, a refresh for your network security environment means replacing the customer’s current Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls with the newest generation of hardware to give them much higher performance and the latest versions of the Palo Alto Networks software for enhanced security. Refreshing hardware will enable customers to upgrade to the world’s only Machine Learning-Powered NGFW, by gaining access to Palo Alto Networks’ latest and most innovative security subscriptions and features.

For example, they can protect against DNS attacks, secure branch connectivity with SD-WAN, secure encrypted traffic including TLS 1.3 with TLS decryption, prevent threats targeted towards IoT devices with IoT Security, and much more.

Customers also need increased performance for network security as they scale their business and plan for the future.

In addition, refreshing the customers’ hardware is good for the partner, because the more features they use, the more secure they are, and the less likely they are to move to competition that sells lower-value firewalls.

The Hardware Refresh+ Offer includes

  • Trade-in credit for existing hardware, and prorated credit for unused services and support
  • Bundle pricing for hardware subscriptions to help customer increase security posture
  • Security posture tools like Policy Optimizer, IronSkillet, SLR and BPA

Please contact you local Exclusive Networks Account Manager for the details of the Hardware Refresh+ Offer.