Imperva Data Protection and Database Audit

Monitor enterprise-wide database activity, detect and stop unauthorized data access, and simplify compliance with data privacy and protection regulations with Imperva’s Data Protection and Database Audit solution “SecureSphere”.


With SecureSphere you can define and enforce uniform data security and compliance policy across the cloud and on-premises. It provides you with a single pane of glass management across relational databases, mainframes, big data platforms, data warehouses and enterprise file stores.  SecureSphere continuously monitors across on-premises or cloud environments and collects consolidated records of all logins/logouts, updates, privileged activities and more to create granular audit trails that pinpoint the “who, what, when, where and how” for each database.

SecureSphere solutions can be deployed quickly to stop database attack threats with pre-defined security policies and automated discovery to find sensitive data and hidden vulnerabilities. SecureSphere looks for threats and attacks at the protocol and OS level, as well as for unauthorized SQL activity, then alerts, quarantines, and if appropriate, block unauthorized activities to protect data.

Dynamic profiling automatically builds a white list of the data objects regularly accessed by individual database accounts. By creating appropriate policies, SecureSphere will alert or block traffic when a profiled account attempts to access a data object that is not whitelisted. It integrates with Imperva CounterBreach, which develops a full contextual baseline of typical user access to database tables using machine learning and peer group analysis.

Learn more about Imperva’s SecureSphere by visiting the Imperva web site or contacting your Exclusive Networks Account Manager.