Simplify Zero Trust Implementation Using A Five-Step Methodology

Companies are often reluctant to begin their Zero Trust journey because they believe it is difficult, costly, and disruptive, but building Zero Trust networks is actually much simpler than building legacy 20th-century hierarchical networks. There is a five-step methodology that, when followed, supports the ease of deployment for Zero Trust networks. This helps make deploying Zero Trust networks manageable, cost effective and non-disruptive. Download and read this Palo Alto Networks white paper to gain an in-depth understanding of the five-steps to a Zero Trust network and how Palo Alto Networks provides a tightly integrated platform that aligns to each step, simplifying protection of your most critical assets.

Following the five-step methodology supports deployment of your Zero Trust network with ease.

They are:

  • Define Your Protect Surface
  • Map the Transaction Flows
  • Architect a Zero Trust Network
  • Create the Zero Trust Policy
  • Monitor and Maintain the Network

The white paper provides an in-depth explanation of these steps and how they make deploying Zero Trust networks manageable, cost-effective, and nondisruptive.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to learn more about Palo Alto Networks and how to deploy Zero Trust networks.