Infinipoint DIaaS: The use of unmanaged devices is daily practice

Infinipoint DIaaS: The use of unmanaged devices is daily practice

Everyone knows: even unmanaged devices are used on a regular basis. And this usage can grow into a real problem. Infinipoint provides the solution to this with DIaaS, consistently assessing the security posture of unmanaged devices attempting to access corporate resources. And it does so without any friction for IT management and users.

Infinipoint consistently cracks down

As a pioneer in the DIaaS security category, Infinipoint currently offers the only solution that provides single sign-on authorization and one-click remediation for non-compliant and vulnerable devices. Infinipoint enforces a set of contextual security policies and guides users through all the self-service steps required to comply. This gives employees and contractors the flexibility to use unmanaged devices securely, easily and seamlessly. Infinipoint assigns devices to specific users and securely and reliably regulates access to corporate resources. Multiple device assessment and integration options provide maximum flexibility.

Key benefits of Infinipoint DIaaS at a glance

  • Accelerate employee onboarding and contractor engagement
  • Increase user productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduce security and compliance risks
  • Eliminate redundant costs and complexity

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