Manage your Unmanaged Cloud with Prisma Cloud and Cortex Xpanse

Palo Alto Networks has announced the Unmanaged Cloud integration for Prisma™ Cloud and Cortex® Xpanse™ (formerly Expanse). With Xpanse, organizations can more accurately discover and attribute their unknown cloud assets, which can then be brought under management in Prisma Cloud for stronger cloud security and central policy enforcement.

Recent events have forced many organizations to accelerate their digital transformation projects. While IT teams are stressed and operating under pressure to support the transformation, attackers are constantly on the lookout for an accidentally exposed vulnerability.

Organizations have developed cloud governance strategies to address some issues that this rapid expansion has created, but CISOs are often left with an incomplete picture when they ask their teams:

  • What is the full extent of our organization’s cloud presence?
  • How are we ensuring that our cloud policies are enforced across all instances?

Teams need a smarter way to identify these unmanaged cloud assets.

Prisma™ Cloud is the industry’s most comprehensive Cloud Native Security Platform (CNSP) for applications, data and the entire cloud native technology stack – throughout the development lifecycle and across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. The platform offers an integrated approach that enables security operations and DevOps teams to collaborate effectively and accelerate secure cloud native application development. Organizational leaders can sleep soundly by deploying Prisma Cloud on their known cloud assets.

That’s where Xpanse Unmanaged Cloud integration for Prisma Cloud comes into play. With Xpanse, organizations have an automated solution for discovering unknown cloud assets, which can then be monitored in Prisma Cloud for comprehensive security and internal policy enforcement. Customers can use the Xpanse APIs to merge known cloud data from Prisma Cloud into Xpanse and then compare it against newly-discovered cloud data to identify unmanaged cloud assets. Using Xpanse-provided context, customers can more easily track down missing cloud accounts and onboard them into Prisma Cloud.

Xpanse provides IT operations, DevOps, and security teams the confidence that digital transformation projects are pursued and implemented securely and according to cloud governance policy, and that they stay that way over time.

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