Maximum security with Imperva

The introduction of the cloud is always a security challenge. Web application-based vulnerabilities are among the most important attack vectors and require in-depth, independent investigation. More than 9,000 attacks were tested against Imperva’s Cloud WAF and 13 other security solutions as part of SecureIQlab’s testing. The report, now available, compares security effectiveness, operational efficiency and return on security investment.

Comprehensive test, first-class result: Super Imperva

The Cloud WAF CyberRisk Validation Comparative Report 2022 provides a complete overview of the current state of cyber security solutions. Imperva was named a leader in security effectiveness and operational efficiency in this 2022 report based on SecureIQlab testing. Each cloud WAF evaluated in this test was subjected to more than 400 real-world test scenarios, which had to be based on the practices of small and medium-sized enterprises. In total, over 9100 test attacks were carried out and evaluated for the result.

For more information on Imperva’s solutions and implementation options, simply contact us. You can find the current WAF CyberRisk Report here.