High Fidelity NDR with Arista AVA

With its AVA solution, Arista bridges the network and security gap. The AI-driven solution consists of two key components: AVA Sensors and the AVA Nucleus. AVA Sensors support a variety of form factors, from stand-alone appliances to cloud workloads and now within campus Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches.

Here’s an overview of the key benefits and opportunities:

  • Better visibility: identifying malicious intent, profiling and tracking all users, apps and devices – whether managed desktops and workstations or unmanaged contractors, supply chains, cloud and IoT workloads.
  • Real-time situational awareness: understanding the entire threat landscape and the scope of an attack. This is the only way IT security managers can make sustainable, reliable decisions.
  • AI-driven threat detection: Automated detection and response to threats on the network with a platform that identifies all underlying techniques and procedures – instead of just identifying known indicators.

Rahul Kashyap, Vice President and CISO at Arista Networks:

“The issue of network security is a daily challenge for most organisations. This is because hardware implementations and configuration changes within the network infrastructure are always required. In the past, security teams were forced to make a trade-off between network visibility and ongoing operational costs. By integrating NDR capabilities into the switching infrastructure, Arista enables an integrated, secure network that reduces risk by decreasing both time to detection and time to remediation.”

Leader in NDR in KuppingerCole Network Detection & Response Leadership Compass 2021 Report + AI Breakthrough Award.

Arista NDR’s innovative approach was recognised as a leader in the KuppingerCole Network Detection & Response Leadership Compass 2021 Report. The platform also received the AI Breakthrough Award for Best AI-based Solution for CyberSecurity. We think: You can’t get any more IT security Oscars than this!

For more information about Arista’s solutions, please contact us. You can find the current Arista Press Release here.