New Features in Cortex XDR 2.5 and Cortex XDR Agent 7.2

Palo Alto Networks has released Cortex XDR 2.5 and Cortex XDR Agent 7.2. This release provides unmatched host visibility and control with new capabilities that identify endpoint risks, accelerate response, and simplify operations.

Some of the new features include

  • Host Insights: Offers unprecedented endpoint visibility to reveal vulnerabilities and sweep across our customers’ environments to swiftly eradicate threats
  • Rogue device discovery: Identifies evasive hosts by uniquely leveraging endpoint, network and third-party data
  • Host restore: Lets security teams quickly recover from an attack with recommended remediations and single-click attack reversal
  • Closed-loop prevention: Stops complex threats by rapidly transforming custom detection rules into granular, automated protections
  • Expanded protection for macOS: Extends device control, disk encryption and host firewall to macOS endpoints
* Enhancements such as Host Insights, rogue device discovery, host restore and closed-loop prevention require a Cortex XDR Pro license.

Host Insights is an add-on module available at no additional charge during an initial Community Access period.

You can find the complete list of Cortex XDR 2.5 features in the Release Notes here and here.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to learn more about Palo Alto Networks.