Comprehensive Security Against Credential-Based Attacks

Deliver Comprehensive People-Centric Security Against Credential-Based Attacks

Today, organizations are attacked everywhere business is conducted–at the office, at home, from the local coffee shop. The traditional security perimeter no longer holds up in this cloud and mobile-first world. Now people are the perimeter, which is why phishing and stolen credentials remain the two leading threat vectors in successful attacks. Enterprises need a comprehensive people-centric strategy to protect all users and company resources. Okta and Proofpoint work together to get the job done.

Okta, the leading provider of identity for the enterprise, and Proofpoint, the leading email security solution provider, work together to safeguard companies with people-centric security tools purpose-built to counteract threats today and as they evolve.

The Okta Identity Cloud protects your users and their access to resources through centralized access policies across cloud and on-prem apps and services, with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi- Factor Authentication (MFA) as critical security controls. Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) offers advanced email security providing total visibility into and protection from today’s most sophisticated email attacks. With advanced tools for applying fine-grained adaptive security measures and containing and remediating attack campaigns, the integration offers a comprehensive solution to help secure Office 365, G Suite, and the entire IT environment.

With Okta and Proofpoint together, you can

  • Adopt a people-centric approach to security that protects against credential theft and phishing
  • Gain visibility into your most targeted users and apply granular security policies to all your users
  • Orchestrate remediation actions on potentially compromised users, like quarantining emails, prompting for MFA, and other adaptive controls
  • Safeguard the enterprise against phishing and credential-based attacks with advanced threat detection and automated remediation
  • Take an adaptive, risk-based approach to help protect your most at-risk users and help prevent successful credential-phishing attacks
  • Orchestrate remediation actions across email security and identity platforms to mitigate exposure to threats

Download the Okta – Proofpoint Data Sheet here.

You can find more information on the joint solution with Okta and Proofpoint on their respective websites Proofpoint here and Okta here.