Palo Alto Networks Introduces SaaS Security With Integrated CASB

Palo Alto Networks have announced the launch of SaaS Security by Palo Alto Networks – their integrated CASB that lets you automatically keep pace with the explosive growth of SaaS applications in your enterprise environment. This new CASB approach helps your IT security teams see and secure new SaaS applications, protect your sensitive data and prevent zero-day threats, without deployment complexity or additional infrastructure. And, as the business decision maker, you get to enjoy the fastest time to value by choosing to secure your SaaS ecosystem using our comprehensive cloud-delivered service.

Existing cloud access security brokers (CASBs) are restrictive because of various architectural and operational limitations.

  • Signature-Based Discovery
  • Siloed Features and Operations
  • Poor Security
  • Require Dedicated Resources

Palo Alto Networks SaaS Security takes on the burden of keeping up with the SaaS explosion, automating discovery and protection while being embedded into existing workflows. This leads to a whole new level of ease, simplicity and efficiency for the CASB market.

Integrated CASB can help improve security. It covers Shadow IT control, which can identify risky SaaS applications in use and control access; Data Security, which can protect sensitive data across all SaaS apps, and Threat Protection, which can secure corporate SaaS applications from threats.

Some of the product benefits include

  • Automatically Discover and Control New SaaS Apps
  • Use Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Across All SaaS Apps
  • Prevent Threats With Zero Delay
  • Help Maintain Compliance
  • Benefit From Integrated Architecture
  • Get Fastest Time to Value and Lowest TCO

As your organization wrangles with its explosive SaaS adoption journey, consider the Palo Alto Networks SaaS Security. It will provide holistic defense to your entire enterprise from a unified cloud-delivered console that helps you safely adopt SaaS apps, protect data and prevent threats. For more information, download the “Navigating the SaaS Security Jungle” ebook here and register for the Palo Alto Networks online event here.

Read Mario Espinoza’s full blog here.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to learn more about the Palo Alto Networks Saas Security integrated CASB solution.