Palo Alto Networks Not-for-Resale Promotion

The Palo Alto Networks NextWave Channel Partner Not-for-Resale (NFR) Program is designed to allow NextWave Channel Partners to purchase products at a discounted rate for non-revenue generating activities, such as labs, demonstration gear and internal course development and training. NFR equipment is available to partners who satisfy the eligibility requirements.

As part of the current “Invest in Success“ Not-for-Resale Promotion, Palo Alto is offering partners  a 40% discount on PA-820, PA-850, PA-3220, PA-5220 and PA-5250 and 80% on Traps Not-for-Resale SKUs. This promotion is valid until the end of July 2019 (latest order entry). It will help partners strengthen their demonstration capabilities and meet their NextWave minimum Not-for-Resale requirements. Please check with your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to check if you are compliant with these requirements.

Partners, including Service Providers, Managed Service Providers and Cloud Providers, may purchase products and services under the Program for non-revenue generating activities. NFR products purchased under this Program can only be used for demonstration purposes and not for live production. Failure to comply can result in removal of the Partner from the Nextwave Channel Partner Program.

NFR Devices cannot be purchased for resale to end users but may be transferred after 12 months in accordance with the Palo Alto Networks transfer policy. After 12-months, NFR hardware is eligible for transfer of ownership if the product replaces an end-of-sale or end-of-life product.

For details regarding the Program please consult the NextWave Partner Portal or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.