Palo Alto Networks: Refresh+ 2.0 Hardware Refresh Offer

Palo Alto Networks: Refresh+ 2.0 Hardware Refresh Offer

A refresh for your customer’s network security environment means replacing the customer’s current Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls with the newest generation of hardware to give them much higher performance and the latest versions of our software for enhanced security.

Palo Alto Networks has updated the program with new benefits on the heels of the Zero Trust Network Security launch. Now NextWave Partners can share Palo Alto Networks’s latest innovations with customers and give them compelling incentives to upgrade now.

Here’s what they can offer customers:

  • Customers can get the same financial incentives as last time to upgrade aging hardware, including a credit against the new hardware and discounts on Cloud-delivered Security Services.
  • 52xx or 32xx devices are eligible for trade-up, meaning more opportunity for your customers to qualify for this promotion.
  • 220’s, 8×0’s and 7050’s are eligible for trade-in.
  • PA-5450 and PA-400 series are available for the upgrade.
  • PA-400 Series Subscription bundles
  • Trade-in credit for existing hardware, and prorated credit for unused services and support
  • Bundle pricing for hardware subscriptions to help customer increase security posture
  • Offer stackable with NextWave and Deal Reg. Pricing!

Palo Alto Networks has extended the Refresh+ Promotion through January31, 2022.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager for terms and conditions and for support in refreshing your customers’ existing hardware.