Automate your protection with Palo Alto Networks security subscriptions

Cyber attacks are growing more frequent and sophisticated by the day. To combat this onslaught, many organizations have added proxies, intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), sandboxing, and other security point products to their old-school firewalls. But this siloed approach just leads to complexity and an even greater potential for breach.

Palo Alto Networks’ security technologies are natively integrated – not cobbled together – into their Next-Generation Firewalls, as well as their endpoint and cloud security offerings. Ground-breaking features reduce manual tasks and enhance your security posture by seamlessly working with their self-updating security platform, augmenting global threat intelligence to counter attacks automatically and in near-real time.

The Palo Alto Networks comprehensive range of security subscriptions extend your security policies with threat protection that is constantly kept up to date. They include

Threat Prevention

Block known client and server-side vulnerability exploits, malware, and command and control in one scan, so your network traffic doesn’t get bogged down.


PAN-DB automatically prevents attacks that leverage the web as an attack vector, including phishing links in emails, phishing sites, HTTP-based (command-and-control) attacks, malicious sites, and pages that carry exploit kits.


WildFire malware prevention service combines dynamic and static analysis, innovative machine learning techniques, and a groundbreaking bare metal analysis environment for a unique, multi-technique detection approach against highly evasive zero-day exploits and malware.

DNS Security Services

Use predictive analytics to disrupt attacks that use DNS for command and control (C2) or data theft.

If you are a current user of Palo Alto Networks solutions and have not subscribed to all four security services, we strongly recommend that you consider improving your security posture by closing the gaps. Read more about these and other security services on the Palo Alto Networks website here here.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager for additional information on the Palo Alto Networks portfolio.