Improve defenses with context-aware access policies and granular network segmentation

Many cyberattacks today rely on stealth and persistence to bypass traditional security defenses. Once they gain a foothold, attackers are able to move laterally across flat networks to gain access to important applications and sensitive information

By implementing best practices, such as dynamic network segmentation, and enforcing access based on user, device and security context, you can reduce your attack surface and limit the impact of data breaches.

The challenges to do so include


Most organizations are unaware of a significant percentage of endpoints on their network

Threat Detection

A vast majority of successful attacks exploit well-known vulnerabilities and security gaps on endpoints connected to the network

Response Automation

The velocity and evasiveness of targeted threats can easily overwhelm this response chain and render it ineffective

Forescout and Palo Alto Networks work together to leverage complimentary capabilities of each solution and provide real-time visibility and precise, automated controls for secure access to critical applications and resources. The joint solution enables IT organizations to implement dynamic network segmentation and create context-aware security policies within their next-generation firewalls based on endpoint context from the Forescout solution.

Download the Forescout eyeExtend for Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall Data Sheet here or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to learn more.