Enable Simple and Secure Access to All Enterprise Resources

The integration of Okta and Palo Alto Networks lets you confidently secure access to all enterprise resources, wherever they’re located. The Okta’s Identity Cloud provides authentication security, and Palo Alto Networks provides network security, for a best-of-breed end-to-end solution. Armed with Okta and Palo Alto Networks, security teams can protect all resources, whether homegrown or off-the-shelf, on-prem or in the cloud, in one comprehensive solution that’s easy for security teams to deploy and manage, and intuitive for end users to navigate.

Together, Okta and Palo Alto Networks let you:

  • Provide secure, streamlined access to internal resources for authorized users
  • Protect sensitive enterprise resources with additional layer of authentication security
  • Quickly deploy and easily manage a comprehensive security solution
  • Prevent successful credential-based attacks on internal resources
  • Protect access to sensitive resources behind the firewall
  • Provide streamlined access to all resources for all authorized users
  • Provide simple configuration and management for admins
  • Protect all apps, assets, and resources against successful credential-based attacks
  • Provide streamlined remote access to all enterprise resources for authorized users
  • Easily layer MFA at the network level to protect sensitive resources, including legacy or homegrown applications
  • Save administrative resources with an easy configuration and centralized access management

Download the Okta and Palo Alto Networks Datasheet here to find out more about these use cases or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.