Take Back Control of Your DNS Traffic

DNS is a massive attack surface present in every organization – and for attackers, it’s easy pickings. Attackers know precisely how to take advantage of the ubiquitous nature of DNS and can abuse it at multiple points in the attack lifecycle, often because security teams lack essential visibility into how threats maintain control of infected devices and steal data.

With security teams already under pressure to enforce consistent protections across millions of malicious domains – plus try to keep up with advanced tactics like DNS tunneling and spoofing – securing DNS can be quite challenging.

So, how can you take back control of your DNS traffic and prevent threats?

Ideally, you want to rapidly predict and prevent access to malicious domains, neutralize threats hidden in DNS tunneling, and apply automation to quickly find and contain infected devices. Learn how in the Palo Alto Networks on-demand webcast “Take Back Control of Your DNS Traffic“. They will also discuss:

  • Ways real-world threats like command and control use DNS
  • Best practices for protecting DNS traffic to keep your organization safe
  • How DNS Security service disrupts attacks with analytics and automation

Watch at your convenience for answers to your DNS questions and to learn how to protect your DNS traffic today as well as stay ahead of emerging tactics.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to learn more about protecting your DNS traffic with Palo Alto Networks.