Prevention Across the Cyber Attack Lifecycle with Palo Alto Networks

A cyber attack typically goes through the following phases of the Attack Lifecycle:

Vulnerability Exploitation

Exploits let attackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in applications or computer systems to perform unauthorized actions on those systems.

Malware Download and Installation

Malware enters your network, executes, and installs on a system to conduct malicious activity.

Command and Control

Malware uses command and control, aka C2, to connect to the outside world from within a corporate network to receive additional instructions, deliver secondary payloads or steal data.

Lateral Movement

After compromising an initial device, an attacker will try to extend access to other machines in the network to reach critical data or higher-privileged systems.

Data Exfiltration

Upon gaining access to the coveted target, an attacker will transmit copied data outside of the organization.

The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform provides multiple layers of prevention at each of these stages of the attack lifecycle that can be used consistently across the network, endpoints, data center, remote offices and cloud environments. Its Next-Generation Firewall, Cloud Security, Endpoint Protection, Threat Detection and Prevention solutions as well as its Application Framework prevent successful cyberattacks by harnessing analytics to automate routine tasks and enforcement. Tight integration across the platform, and with partners, simplifies security so you can secure users, applications and data.

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