Prisma® Access 2.0 Announced

Prisma® Access 2.0: The industry’s only complete cloud-delivered security platform

Palo Alto Networks has announced Prisma® Access 2.0. With this release, they are taking a fundamentally different approach, providing the industry’s only complete cloud-delivered security platform.

Prisma® Access 2.0 offers a lot of new features, such as
• A new cloud-delivered management experience
• ML-powered security, cloud SWG and Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM)
• CloudBlades capabilities that enable remote browser isolation support via partnerships
• Industry-leading scale and performance enhancements

Highlights of Prisma® Access 2.0 include
• Complete best-in-class security with greater coverage than any other solution, receiving more than 4.3 million unique security updates per day – 24.5x more than their nearest competitor
• High-performance access with optimized user experience, supporting 10x more total encrypted tunnels throughput than the nearest competitor
• Access to all apps and protection against all threat vectors, reducing the risk of data breach by 45%, according to a commissioned Forrester Consulting TEI™ study

Register here for the Palo Alto Networks virtual launch event on Thursday, 18 March 10 AM GMT, to learn about the latest capabilities to enable a secure work-from-anywhere experience, or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager for more information.