Prisma Cloud: New CSPM Capabilities

New updates minimize false network alerts, detect data exfiltration and provide comprehensive coverage of IaaS/PaaS services

New updates to Prisma Cloud, Palo Alto Networks Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution, help eliminate dangerous cloud blind spots and free security teams from the burden of alert fatigue. These critical features are available to the 2,000+ enterprises that trust Prisma Cloud, as well as future customers.

Cloud environments are growing ever more complex as organizations add more cloud providers, users, applications and resources. Most security solutions are not designed for this new world and lack the end-to-end visibility needed to accurately assess risks and alert security teams of advanced attacks, leaving them to deal with both unsecured cloud resources and the cacophony of false-positive alerts. Today’s Prisma Cloud CSPM updates help security teams address these issues.

The five new features of Prisma Cloud are:

  • True Internet Exposure
  • Visibility-as-Code
  • Network Data Exfiltration Detection
  • Anomalous Compute Provisioning Detection
  • Customizable Object-Level Scanning for AWS S3

Anomalous Compute Provisioning Detection is available now. Visibility-as-Code for OCI is available now. True Network Exposure for AWS, Customizable Object-Level Scanning for AWS S3 and Network Data Exfiltration Detection will be available in the next two months. Availability of some features on additional clouds will follow.

Find out more by reading Palo Alto Networks’ press release here or by contacting your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.