Protect Serverless Functions with Prisma Cloud

Serverless architecture was created as a way to allow developers to focus on the application layer, without having to be concerned with the servers or runtimes underneath. It continues to become an increasingly popular option for cloud workloadsmore than 20% of global enterprises are expected to adopt the technology through the end of 2020, up from less than 5% in late 2018.

While it allows for fast-paced development, the lack of visibility into the underlying infrastructure means that security has often taken a backseat. Prisma Cloud helps fill this gap by providing security and visibility to protect serverless functions.

Serverless, at its core, is simple. By removing capacity planning and server management, the developer can focus on the application and leave the rest to the cloud provider. Coupling this ease with the fact that serverless functions only run when evoked and spin down when not in use, you add an economical footprint that can save a company not only time and management resources, but also monetary resources.


Start Using Prisma Cloud to Protect Serverless Functions

Serverless platforms can be very compelling for certain development needs, but in order to be truly viable, proper considerations need to be included for security. Prisma Cloud helps mitigate these concerns providing automations when scanning for vulnerabilities or compliance issues, and protecting a given runtime. Existing users can explore documentation on scanning and Lambda Layers.

Read Brian Buquoi’s full blog here.

For more information on how Prisma Cloud manages workloads across various compute architectures, you can view the Palo Alto Networks compute security page here or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.