Rubrik Announces Cloud-Native Protection for Google Cloud Platform

Rubrik was built from the ground up for the cloud. Empowering the data-forward enterprise has always been part of their DNA, and it’s clear that the cloud has a critical role for organizations looking to uncap new value and use cases with their exploding amount of data–all while driving operational efficiency. Rubrik started its cloud protection journey with its cloud-native support for AWS and Azure, and they have announced that Rubrik’s Polaris Cloud-Native Protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is now generally available!

“Rubrik’s collaboration with Google Cloud introduces a rich new cloud backup service to support native GCP workloads,” said Manvinder Singh, Director IaaS/PaaS Partnerships, Google Cloud. “Delivered as a service and driven by a suite of APIs, the solution leverages the simplicity and SLA policy tenets that are foundational to Rubrik’s offerings. As more enterprises migrate their workloads to GCP, this solution will deliver tremendous value to our joint customers.”

Cloud Is Hard

When designing Polaris Cloud-Native Protection for GCP, Rubrik’s approach focused on solving the biggest data management challenges based on customer feedback and conversations. These include:

  • Complex Policy Management
  • Time-Consuming Recovery
  • Lack of Unified Management

With these challenges in mind, they had a clear path in how Polaris GCP protection would deliver Rubrik’s trademark simplicity and unified data management to your native cloud workloads.

Saas-Driven GCP Protection

Polaris GCP Protection introduces simpler, automated data protection of Google Compute instances and ensures that critical data is always secure, easily visible, and recoverable.

Read Srikanth Hanumanula’s blog here to find out how it works, including setup, protection and recovery.


Some of the benefits of GCP Protection for customers include

  • Easy, Centralized Management
  • Policy-Based Automation
  • Turbocharged Recovery

Find out more by reading Srikanth Hanumanula’s full blog here or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager for more information.